What is Leca?


Leca is initial letters for : Light Expanded Clay Aggregate.

Leca consists of small, lightweight, bloated particles of burnt clay.The thousands of small, air-filled cavities give Leca its strength and thermal insulation properties.

The base material is plastic clay which is extensively pretreated and then heated and expanded in a rotary kiln. Finally, the product is burned at 1100 °C to form the finished Leca product.

Entirely Natural Product

Leca is an environment-friendly, entirely natural product incorporating the same benefits as tile in brick form Leca is indestructible, non-combustible, and impervious to attack by dry-rot, wet-rot and insects.

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Lightening the structure significantly decreases building cost and lowers earth quake threaten.


Thermal insulation

Thermal Insulation

Applying Leca insulating blocks drop the rate of fuel and electricity consumption and are the best way for optimizing energy consumption.

Sound insulation


Leca aggregate and block are among the best insulating materials and according to conducted tests, sound in Leca block with 10cm width and 15cm width respectively fades 45 db. and 46 db.