Leca Block 490x145x200 mm

Nominal Thickness: 150 mm

Feature: Bottom – close

Dimension: 490*145*200 mm

Block Weight (Max.): 9.5 Kg

Density: 670 (kg/m3)

Compressive Strength: 2 (MPa)



Light weight aggregate concrete block:

Leca concrete is made by mixing of Leca aggregates, cement and Water. Adding sand into the mixture reduces the porous and Makes the concrete with Smoother surface. Adding of Sand decreases the volume of air in concrete and increases concrete strength.

This kind of block (with addition of sand) is called medium weight concrete block. When fine light weight aggregate is replaced by sand, workability goes high, water-cement Ratio decreases, and the strength of concrete increases.

Using Leca for non-bearing walls will reduce concrete weight and the thermal conductivity. With these particular and above specifications for Leca aggregates, following advantages can be expected from Leca Concrete:

  • Lower weight
  • Easy transportation
  • Reduction of manpower and construction time for its lightness and easy- applying
  • Easy for plastering on cellular texture and rough surface of the block
  • Strength against imposed pressures
  • Durable thermal insulation since the inside porous texture of aggregates and the air existing inside and among the aggregates
  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity
  • Resistance against fire without producing toxic gases in firing
  • Sound insulation with suitable coefficient of acoustical absorption
  • Resistance against freezing and thawing cycles
  • Impermeable against moisture
  • Resistance against calcareous substances