Leca loose fill in flooring

General concept of this method is in 6 steps.

1- Pre-wetting Leca aggregate before use.

2- Defining final elevation of flooring using leveling instrument

3- If you have slopes in the drawings you will need to make some square cells using some guide ruler (made using some 4×8 lumber or using some bricks and mortar)

4- Filling in the cells by loose Leca.

5- As an option you can use some Geo-textiles or nylon sheets just to keep the Leca aggregate in place. (Optional based on engineering judgment)

6- Spraying Mortar on top (Optional based on engineering judgment)

LECA Loose Fill advantages:

v  Higher Thermal Insulation

v  Performing of Flooring is faster (up to 500 m2 per day)

v  No need to wait for curing which leads to at least one week save in time.

v  After completion of building, accessing facilities such as piping, it will be less damages and waste in cost.

v  Considerable weight savings

v  More volume per  of material, lower transport costs.

v  Because it is sold by volume, as opposed to weight like hardcore, there is no loss of material through the presence of moisture

v  Does not contain Sulphates  and Resistant to chemical attack

v  Suitable for bad ground conditions

v  Excellent capillary breaking and drainage properties

v  Well suited to ground which contains moisture, Sulphates or other such chemicals

LECA Flooring with spraying mortar

  Application of LWA as Flooring:

  •   replaces stone, sand, hardcore and secondary Insulation in ground floor construction
  •   eliminate the need for secondary polystyrene insulation in ground floor construction
  •   facilitates drainage
  •   simply carry into restricted access sites
  •   can be used loose and easy to transport
  •   easily achieves the new insulation requirements of the Building Regulations.
  •   Save Hours
  •   saves around 40 man hours per house
  •   Enables two laborers to prepare a 40 m2 base in just one hour, compared to two days for three laborers to do the same job using hardcore and polystyrene insulation.

Bearing Vehicle Load on Flooring Five days after applying