Road Construction

Filling in road construction and geotechnical structures :

Leca is applied in road construction and tunnelling for filling of non-pressure spaces. One of the important advantages Of Leca applications is the control of the plastic settlements in these places. Also, since the weight of filling material has an important act in amount of vertical and horizontal pressure applied on foundations, retain walls and piles, use of light and durable Leca aggregate in these fields is very valuable.

In many cases, e.g. children playground, gravel can be replaced with Leca aggregates. Important particular of Leca is round shape and non-scraper or hard surfaces, that is causes injuries.

Some advantages of using Leca in road construction:

  • Stability: reduced risk of landslide and deformation
  • Reduced settlement: less damage to road structures, rail beds, pipelines and other structures
  • Reduced earth pressure: in structural backfill against foundations, retaining walls and bridge abutments
  • Drainage: on sports grounds, fields, slopes and roads
  • Insulation and drainage: protection for pipeline